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Opening Weekend for 12u Team

Saturday, April 10th was one for the history books for Powerballers Baseball. It was the first time the newly created 12u team took the field at Diamond Nation. This roster has been built with a tremendous group of players who are eager to grow and develop and it showed when they took the field.

Saturday consisted of two games where The Powerballers, led by tremendous pitching from Ryan Petruska, Jaxson Kreider and Clemente Cintron, went 1-1 on the day.

Though the Powerballers won their first game this was not the highlight of the weekend. The highlight came went the first year Powerballers took a team who was 15-1 to the last inning losing 4-3.

“Happy to see our 12u team on the field for the first time. The best part was to see how they competed as a team for the first time after only being together for 3 months.”

- Kevin Moyzan -Founder/Owner of Powerballers Baseball


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